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23 Nov, 2015
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Hosting has come a long way since the 1990’s and has become one of the most sought after industries in the world. Due to rising demand of online real estate, there are more hosting providers than ecommerce stores on the web. With little technical knowledge or with the help of a guide you can create your own hosting platform right on your home desktop/laptop. But if you want to host your commercial website then you must get a robust hosting provider that caters to all your commercial requirements. There are numerous multinational companies that provide affordable hosting along with essential technologies for the developer to create websites of their choice. 

Types of Hosting Solutions

All hosting solutions that you can find on the web are mainly of 3 types: Shared, VPS and Dedicated. The plan you pick should depend on the amount of resources your websites uses to function properly. For example: a site with a simple interface and a user base of around 1000 visitors per month should be on a shared server. But if the website has more than 4000-5000 visitors per month then it should be on a VPS server. If you have a truly large user base of around more than 1,000 visitors per day then you should host from a dedicated server. The basic differences between the three could greatly help you in picking the most suitable web hosting service for yourself:


Shared Hosting:

In this form of hosting the hosting provider allocates around hundreds of website owners to a single server. This is the cheapest form of hosting as the total cost of the server is paid by hundreds of website owners. Everyone gets a control panel to manage their website along with some amount of space and database. Although some websites claim to provide unlimited web space and unlimited databases in a shared hosting plan they limit the resource usage to a minimum. As you cannot use the databases or web space without consuming resources you will be bound to use the minimum of both. Here’s Bluehost hosting Coupon Code for shared hosting.


VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server):

This is a relatively powerful and costly hosting solution mainly suitable for small companies and/or large websites with a constant user base. In this case the hosting provider allocates one server to around 3-4 users depending on the type of plan you choose. In a VPS solution you have a much more powerful server with lots of bandwidth and web space. You can easily build a hundred small websites on a single VPS solution. Even though your resources are limited you won’t feel its limits unless you are hosting a very large website with thousands of page requests per day. It is at least a hundred times more costly than shared hosting plan. Visit the Bluehost site for best VPS hosting coupon by bluehost.


Dedicated Server:

This is the ultimate solution for any kind of hosting needs. One can easily host 5-6 thousand small websites on a single dedicated server. In this case the hosting provider allocates a whole server to you enabling you to use as much resources as you want. There may be limits to the disk space and bandwidth but it won’t affect you unless you are large corporation or a very large website with thousands of visitors every single day. It is around 3-4 times the cost of the VPS solution but at least 10 times more powerful than that.